Bizarre Chinese TV commercial (Video)

The name of the song is „Farewell of Slavianka“

There is a very bizarre TV commercial video circulating the Internet, which is being taken down as fast as they are put up. The commercial originated from ‘now TV’, a 24-hour pay TV service provider in Hong Kong, affiliated with ‘PCCW Limited’, a holding company of a Chinese Hong Kong based firm ‘HKT Group Holdings Limited’. The three and a half minute spot appears to be a soccer promotional while heading into the 2012 Olympics in London. The odd thing with the video is the depiction of a destructing London during the games. While I chose not to copy the video while respecting any copyright, the following images show the underlying subliminal (or maybe not so subliminal) message being promoted in the video (with source credit to ‘now-TV’). While this post unfortunately has quite a few NSA ‘keywords’ in it which will surely be flagged for a check, the fact is that this information (video/images) is (are) in the public domain and due to its odd messaging, may be cause for some concern or questions and is in the public’s best interest to know about.

Farewell of Slavianka - Video

Farewell of Slavianka - English Translations:

Arise, Russian Land, defend your Faith!
We have composed many a song in our heart,
Glorifying the native land.
We’ve loved you no matter what,
You, our holy Russian land.

You’ve raised your head high,
Your face has been shining like the sun.
You’ve become a victim of betrayal –
by those who have cheated and sold you!

And again in march trumpet calls us.
We all stand in order
And go to the holy battle.
Arise, Russian Land, defend the faith!

Russia’s holiness awaits victory.
Respond, the Orthodox host!
Where is your Ilya, where is Dobrynia?
The mother is summoning her sons.

Under the banners of all we stand boldly
Procession with prayers go,
For the Russian right thing
The blood we shed Russian honestly.


We all are children of a Great Power,
We all remember the forefathers’ commandment:
For the Homeland, Honor, Glory,
Pity neither yourself nor the foes.

Arise, Russia, from your prison of slavery,
Victory’s spirit is called: time to do battle!
Rise your battle flags
For Faith, Love, and Good.


Farewell of Slavianka - Chinese Translations - 中文翻译:

战士们告别了家园 登上火车
俄罗斯站起来 万众一心
多少年经风霜 历艰辛





Russian Original Version:

Встань за Веру, Русская Земля!
Много песен мы в сердце сложили,
Воспевая родные края
Беззаветно тебя мы любили,
Святорусская наша земля.

Высоко ты главу поднимала –
Словно солнце твой лик воссиял.
Но ты жертвою подлости стала –
Тех, кто предал тебя и продал!

И снова в поход труба нас зовёт.
Мы все встанем в строй
И все пойдем в священный бой.
Встань за Веру, Русская земля!

Ждут победы России святые.
Отзовись, православная рать!
Где Илья твой и где твой Добрыня?
Сыновей кличет Родина-мать.

Под хоругви мы встанем все смело
Крестным ходом с молитвой пойдём,
За Российское правое дело
Кровь мы русскую честно прольём.


Все мы – дети великой Державы,
Все мы помним заветы отцов
Ради Родины, Чести и Славы
Не жалей ни себя, ни врагов.

Встань, Россия, из рабского плена,
Дух победы зовет: в бой, пора!
Подними боевые знамена
Ради Веры, Любви и Добра!