8 Easy Ways to Learn Chinese

The two main obstacles in learning Chinese language are the tones which can prove difficult to hear, let alone reproduce and, of course, the learning of the characters. There is no alphabet but you will see that after learning a few characters, a logic will emerge and stems, radicals and concepts will help you remember characters in a fun memorable and, sustainable way.

1. Chinese is not as difficult!

Great news! There is no single conjugation pattern to learn. All verbs are expressed in the same manner. The future and the past are expressed simply by adding adverbs or adverbial phrases such as ‘tomorrow’ (明天-míngtiān), ‘last year’(去年-qùnián), ‘yesterday’(昨天-zuótiān)

2. Let’s be realistic!

It is believed that in order to read the newspapers, one must learn 3000 characters. There are some irregularities, one single character can be pronounced differently, have several meanings and depending if you are from the North or the South, things are expressed differently. This are quite common variations that actually exists in all languages.

3. One word a day

Learning a language demands discipline. Rest assured, nothing too time-consuming but a 10-20 minutes session everyday will truly help you memorize the characters, as they have to be saved in your long-term memory.

4. Imagination

Once you have acquired some basic characters, use your imagination and learn how stems and radicals do offer some great combinations in order to produce meaning. Chinese can be a real mind-twister but as you acquire more and more characters, you will find yourselves being more imaginative, creative and daring with learning new characters.

5. Use Pleco

There are some brilliants apps on the market. Pleco is one of them. It contains an impressive range of entries English-Chinese and vice-verse. It also offers you the ability to test yourself and see statistics of your progression! Don’t forget to enable the Chinese keyboard in your phone so that you can ‘write’ unknown characters you see in the street and ask Pleco what it means.

6. Facebook

7. Twitter

8. Faith

Learning Chinese is probably the most rewarding thing ever. You will have access to a complete whole new world of opportunities and it is incredible how helpful this language will prove to you in the long-run. The more you learn, the more friends you will be able to make!